A chat with the Normal School about my not-so-normal stories.

  This was such a fun interview.  Thank you, Nicole, for the tough questions. You can read our conversation here.Continue Reading

Late Night Library is the land of rock stars!

Jumping for joy because they have an interview AND a review of What You Are Now Enjoying up over at Late Night Library.  W.M. Lobko says I made him cry.  I owe him a box of chocolates, right?  A motorcycle? Click here for the review. And click here for the interview.Continue Reading

A podcast from my reading at Sunday Salon Chicago

Patrick Somerville introduces me to the crowd as “twisted, dark, and warm.”  I discuss Taco Bell and then read from my story about breastfeeding as a form of group therapy. Thank you Sunday Salon Chicago for having me.  And thank you Booked for sharing this podcast! You can catch me here at the twelve minuteContinue Reading

The Motherhood Fantastic: a fantastic review from Literary Mama

I am thrilled that Susan Barr-Toman from Literary Mama enjoyed What You Are Now Enjoying. “Most of her stories rest on a realistic foundation but tilt toward the curious, the uncomfortable, the bizarre.” Too often, the worlds of motherhood and writing can feel separate.  Thank you to Literary Mama for being a place to discussContinue Reading

A song playlist for What You Are Now Enjoying

I had a wonderful time putting together this Book Notes piece for David Gutowski over at Largehearted Boy. In which I discuss how I can’t listen to music while I write and I never know the words to a song–but lately music has infused my family time, and I think my writing, in unexpected ways. Continue Reading

I’m no comic book scholar…

Thanks to David Abrams at the wonderful Quivering Pen for featuring my essay, “Radioactive Backstories,” in which I discuss the moment when an angsty, teenaged, cartoon-colored Wonder Woman with an affinity for dank airport bars and cheap margaritas slipped into one of my stories and refused to leave. You can read the essay here.Continue Reading

Win a copy of What You Are Now Enjoying over at Fiction Writers Review

What You Are Now Enjoying has been selected as the Book of the Week over at Fiction Writers Review. Three lucky winners will receive a copy of the book.  Simply follow them on Twitter (@fictionwriters) to be eligible for any of their Book of the Week drawings.Continue Reading

I write undomesticated domestic stories!

A huge, enormous thank you (and hug) to my friend Maria Mutch for interviewing me. And thank you to Fiction Writers Review for hosting us.  Maria and I chat about depression, humor, magical realism, Wonder Woman…  There is also a glowing key, and a raging snowstorm. You can read our conversation here.Continue Reading

I write fractured fairy tales!

Thank you to Jennifer Wisner Kelly at The Colorado Review for a very thorough and insightful review of What You Are Now Enjoying. “There is truth here, masked in the bizarre.” And she says I write fractured fairy tales.  I think I need a T-shirt with that on it now. You can read the reviewContinue Reading

Thank you, Einstein, for telling us that mystery lies “at the cradle of true art and true science.” I so often feel like a mad scientist.  And that’s okay.Continue Reading