Can’t wait for April 30th!

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Debut-litzer Prize podcasts at Late Night Library

I really enjoyed talking with Late Night Library’s Sarah Marshall about What You Are Now Enjoying in this podcast. And Debut-litzer judge Leni Zumas discusses why she chose my book as the winner in this podcast.  Thanks again to everyone at Late Night Library for all of the amazing ways in which you support book culture!Continue Reading

Fetal Microchimerism, shout-out in The Atlantic

Thanks to Vanessa Hua at The Atlantic for including an excerpt from an essay of mine about the strange and fantastical phenomenon of fetal microchimerism. It seems that our babies never quite leave our bodies once they are born, and I’ve tried to tie that idea into thoughts about my creative process and inspiration. YouContinue Reading

new story up at PANK

Thank you to Roxane Gay at PANK for publishing “Pipe Hugger.” I wrote this story last winter when it was brutally cold. Now I’m cold just thinking about it! You can read it here.Continue Reading

WHAT YOU ARE NOW ENJOYING wins a Debut-litzer!

So thrilled to announce that What You Are Now Enjoying has won a Debut-litzer. Thank you to the book-loving team over at Late Night Library. And thank you to judge Leni Zumas!  Her novel The Listeners is a gem. Can’t wait to dig into her story collection, Farewell Navigator. Continue Reading

Lovely review of “Ramona”

I’m grateful for such a thorough and thoughtful review of my story “Ramona” by Emily Collins over at Piece Meal. Check them out–reviews of short stories and poems! Click here for the review of “Ramona.”Continue Reading

WHAT YOU ARE NOW ENJOYING is a finalist for Late Night Library’s Debut-litzer!

Thrilled to see What You Are Now Enjoying listed alongside Jamie Quatro and Kate Southwood as a finalist for Late Night Library’s 2014 Debut-litzer ficiton prize. As I’ve said before, Late Night Library is the land of rockstars!Continue Reading

Flash Fiction Shout-out at HuffPo!

Flash fiction is one of the best strange beasts out there. So excited to see a mention of my piece “Ramona” over at the Huffington Post. Here’s a list of 15 flash fiction stories that can be read within 30 minutes total.Continue Reading

At American Short Fiction: How to Get Lost

Over at American Short Fiction, editor Nate Brown and I talk about my story “Ramona” and try to convince ourselves that maybe the ideal way to write is to somehow figure out a way to have no idea what you are doing. You can read the interview here.Continue Reading

Fairy Tale and Louise Glück’s “The Drowned Children” at B O D Y

Thank you to the folks at B O D Y for giving me space to explore a poem that will always haunt me yet will always somehow remain a favorite: Louise Glück’s “The Drowned Children.” I write about how fairy tale helps me consider both darkness and craft. You can read the essay and Glück’s poem here.Continue Reading