Photo Credits

I found most of the black and white photos posted on this site at Black and WTF, a tumblr of great black and white photos. Each photo was pulled from some other online source. This page is my best attempt to give credit where credit is due.

  1. Bike photo (Black and WTF) – (Nationaal Archief) – no known copyright restriction
  2. Crow and Boy (Black and WTF) – no known copyright restriction*
  3. Woman Eating (Black and WTF) – (posted from Boat Lullabies) – no known copyright restriction*
  4. Woman on Books (This Ain’t the Summer of Love) – (from NYCDreamin Flicker Stream) – NYCDreamin owns the copyright to this photo and use of this photo is subject to all their copyright restrictions.
  5. Bull Dog Shaving (Up and Downs, Smile and Frowns) – Up and Downs, Smile and Frowns owns the copyright to this photo scan and use of this scan is subject to all of their copyright restrictions.